Conquest of the Realms

RIP: The Speaker in Dreams

How often do you get to spend longer completing an adventure than your characters do?

At long last, the mystery that plagued the town of Blackfeather Bridge was uncovered. A mind flayer, vilest (debatably) of the creatures that haunts the subterranean world beneath Faerun known as the Underdark, had taken up residence in the town like a bloated tick. As is their nature, the alien creature had wrapped itself in layer upon layer of guile and deception, using catspaws to manipulate events in the town while using the town’s leader, Baron Euphemes II, as its own puppet ruler. After successfully dispatching the flayer’s minions in the form of a wererat gang, a mob of raiding grimlocks, and a cult of maddened psionicists, they finally drew its ire.

During the town’s own preemptive celebration of the party’s exploits, the illithid assembled a strike force created from the remains of the cult, as well as newly arrived Zhentarim reinforcements. After dispatching this assassination attempt, the party traced the mind flayer’s right-hand servant, a drider from the Underdark, back to the Baron’s own keep.

The plot thickened when the Baron made a proclamation the next morning, announcing Blackfeather Bridge to be officially under Zhent rule. Servants of Bane actively summoned devils and other creatures from Baator in order to help maintain the regime of the Speaker in Dreams. A showdown was in order, and after cleansing the Temple of Lathander of the unholy presence, they confronted the Baron and uprooted the true mastermind.

However, a final twist; before the final blow could be dealt to the aberration, a third party entered the fray. A githyanki warrior teleported onto the scene, slew the mind flayer and took its head as a trophy before quickly exiting. A githyanki? Here, in the Dalelands? More questions than answers…

But luckily there were some answers, or at least much bigger, more interesting questions. That night, the party found a map had been carefully left for them in their tavern room. It marked over 30 locations all across the Western Heartlands and mainland regions of Faerun. Traveling to the nearest of these (not far from Blackfeather Bridge), they discovered that it marked the location of an old, ruined keep, which nonetheless had shown signs of recent use by a large number of individuals, monsters, and vehicles.

Searching the premises, a hidden door was discovered, leading into the former dungeons of the keep. What they found was not empty chambers and dusty old bones, but instead a room filled with extraplanar technology. Hundreds of psionic stasis cylinders filled the halls, each one housing a young githyanki in various stages of egg, infant, and young adult development. A hatchery. Most disturbing of all, however, was the deepest dungeon, which contained twenty stasis cells. Each contains a githyanki that is somehow altered, with red-tinted skin and a curious ridge over their eyes.

What manner of devilry is this? What are the githyanki planning? What will our heroes do with the discovery of this hatchery? Stay tuned to find out!



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